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Beginner Acrylic Painting

A beginners class that really is for beginners!  Come join us for paint, laughter, and fun as we explore the three things necessary for art; composition, color, and creativity. Students will play with this these elements while painting their picture.  

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Additional Information

Canvas and acrylic paints are included with registration. Students should bring their own brush kit that includes a fan brush, a flat edge brush, and an angle brush. Beginners brush kits are available at local big box stores.

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Singer 11/14 - 11/14 We 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM $40.00 View 15

Continuous Weave on the Tri-Loom

Learn to weave without the hassle and headache of measuring yarn, and warping the loom. Continuous strand weaving is easy to do using center-pull balls of yarn. This method greatly reduces the time needed for preparation, as there is no need to wind shuttles, allowing you to jump right into the weaving process, and waste is minimal. (2 sessions)

Additional Information

Please bring scissors to class.  Tri-Looms are available for purchase for $25 the night of the class.  

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